The Beginning

The Diner

Sitting at the corner of S 12th St and Harney St in Downtown Omaha, The Diner has been proudly serving delicious food for years! This 70’s style diner was an Old Market staple until 2018 when the land was sold to another company. Ken and Rick knew their passion couldn’t die with the building, so they moved their diner into Billy Frogs at 1120 Howard St.

The Middle

Ken and Rick met a few years back, and have been expanding their restaurant knowledge ever since. Once they got the idea for a gourmet food truck, they made a plan and drove down to Texas to look at their dream food truck. When they got there, the truck had been destroyed by vandalism! Needing a less-destroyed version of a truck, they found the high-quality Java Daddies Coffee Truck and had it customized. Leading up to…

And Another Beginning

Launched in 2016, Java Daddies takes gourmet coffee truck to the next level. Five star reviews started pouring in after the opening in 2016, with customers raving about the coffee quality in such a unique experience. In 2018, Java Daddies opened their doors next to Billy Frogs at 1118 Howard St. Stop in for gourmet coffee and food! Enjoy and shop the artwork on the walls made by local artists. Java Daddies is a great location for meetings, reading, or just stopping in to enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee.

Come visit Java Daddies in downtown Omaha, you will not be disappointed.